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What is Metamorphosis Mentorship?
  • Metamorphosis Mentorship is committed to fostering holistic development. We recognize that personal and professional growth are intertwined, and our mentors bring their expertise from diverse fields to provide a well-rounded experience. Through one-on-one interactions, workshops, and community engagement, we encourage mentees to develop their skills, expand their horizons, and cultivate a balanced approach to life. Read More...

Who leads Metamorphosis Mentorship?


How do I apply?
  • Subscribe to our mailing list to know when applications go live.


How can I be accepted into the program?
  • Fill out the application to the best of your ability, and Pastor Shunnae McBride will review your submission. Application completion does not guarantee your acceptance into the program. You will receive a decision upon the conclusion of the application deadline.


When does the mentorship occur, and how long is the program?
  • The mentorship program is a 12-week program that happens in the Spring semesters of the year.


How much is the mentorship program?
  • Tuition for our 12-week mentorship program is $400 in total. Payment plans are available as an option, and the total will be due by the end of the first month of the program.


I have another question. Who can I contact?
  • You can fill out your questions in our Contact form. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Thank you!

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